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European School for Leadership Practice

European School for Leadership Practice

European Leadership | European School for Leadership Practice

European Leadership

1.0Today’s governance and globalisation challenges require new leaders in Europe - A Next Generation

Accelerating globalization continues to bring new, ever more complex adaptive challenges, resulting in so-called ‘wicked problems’. European leaders must cope with these challenges to create a sustainable future, leaving Europe and the world a better place for generations to come.

This one-year leadership program is designed for a new generation of leaders who are taking the challenge to go beyond current practices and paradigms. It is committed to developing individual and collective capacity, to develop and reinforce leadership capable of addressing challenges found at individual, organizational, and societal levels.

Meet your peers while working with the globally emerging forces of diversity, interdependence, and ongoing change by joining this outstanding leadership program.

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What do we do?

1.1If you have a key leadership challenge in your organization that you would describe as ‘wicked’, we enable you to address it and to work collectively on an answer using a dialogical approach, experiencing:

Societal Challenges - experience in different contexts by learning in different countries.

Personal and organizational development suited to your own and your organization’s needs - guided by the best external coaches and tutored by international professors and scientists.

Working on real-life projects - key leadership challenges you and your peers are currently facing. After one year you will get an integrated, confidential report on the specific key leadership challenges your organization is facing, to present to the board of your organization.

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Dialogical approach

1.2The European School for Leadership Practice is designed for next generation professionals. We offer an executive certificate in leadership that’s been developed in conjunction with Europe’s premier leadership scholars. By choosing a dialogical approach, the ESLP creates a learning space for in a context of real-life experiences and situations. Through:

Applied and Action Research in private, governmental and non-governmental sectors on pressing European leadership issues.

Leadership Development applicable to various regionals, locales, and sectors (e.g. finance, culture, IT, sustainability, governance).

Coaching and Mentoring lifelong learning from and with each other through dialogue and insightful 360 feedback.

ESLP takes you on a journey of opportunities and experiences to give you deeper insights into your personal leadership potential; including strengths to reinforce and weaknesses to work on.

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European leaders are searching for a shared understanding, to build a foundation upon which to grow and develop practices that truly serve the common good.

The European School for Leadership Practice (ESLP) provides guidance and instruction to next generation European leaders in a setting where you can stimulate and support each other’s progress in looking and acting beyond boundaries.

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We offer


ESLP offers a unique learning community that provides both support and safe spaces of reflection for you as a participant to grow. Gain the skills and confidence/comfort level needed to deal with the world’s complexity for your organization’s as well as your own personal needs and challenges. Our approach delivers the means for you and your organization to address pressing leadership issues.

Each group of participants consists of talented early and mid-career practitioners with at least 5 years of experience in leadership from different sectors and nations, and in this way reflects the diversity of European cultures. We create a European home for leadership development; a meeting point for policy makers, practitioners, scholars and alumni.

Take on your responsibility to build our common future.

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Executive Program

2.0In a one-year modular Executive Certificate program you will study and work in four European countries addressing three core dimensions:

1. Personal Leadership - You as a leader.
2. Learning Community – You as a leader embedded in several communities.
3. Context – The environment in which leadership is in action.

The heart of ESLP is action inquiry; a dialogical, awareness-based approach promoting self-reflexivity and collaborative learning. Thereby the European School for Leadership Practice creates a space for next generation leadership development drawing on collective intelligence and co-creation in which new solutions emerge.

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By modules

2.1A module program provides a structure for learning, engagement, and action research. Each of four modules takes three, including fieldwork. The program starts in September 2015 and will consist of different subjects, which will be presented in various locations and countries. Overview:

Subject - Location - Key Lecturer

1. Personal Transformation - Trondheim - Jonathan Reams & Rens van Loo.
2. Organizational Transformation - Exeter - Keith Grint & Jonathan Gosling.
3. Global Transformation - Prague - Otto Scharmer & Ted Baartmans.
4. Research - Amsterdam - Gerda van Dijk.

Every module begins with focus on personal, organizational, global, and scientific aspects, and ends with a self-evaluation form. The self-eval serves as a basis to help build a personal action plan for unlocking new leadership potential.

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Own research

2.2Addressing compelling leadership questions to cope with the forces of diversity, interdependence, and change. This is what you do in applied and action research.

Together with our academic partners, leading institutions and universities in Europe, you are offered research-on-demand programs for private, governmental and non-governmental sectors, on actual European leadership issues.

Our strong network guarantees access to the latest insights, developments and methods. Action research is done at all levels of leadership on all occasions, so students can participate in creating practical situations.

Join an integrative network of future European leaders.

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Personal coaching

2.3In addition to the executive certificate and leadership development program you will have an opportunity to benefit from individual coaching and mentoring.

Private coaching will help you to execute your plans, and gives you the opportunity to follow up on personal growth or specific organizational issues.

In addition to our master’s and leadership development programmes we offer Coaching and Mentoring.

A selected group of mentors and coaches that you meet during the program is available for continuing support and mentorship.

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3.0ESLP home is Amsterdam: Zijlstra Center

The ESLP program is developed in partnership with the Zijlstra Center, part of the VU University Amsterdam. The Zijlstra Center is an open entity, strongly linked to people and society. Through our collaboration we are part of Zijlstra’s accreditation. This guarantees the highest levels of academic quality we can provide for you as a participant.

Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are offering site visits to engage participants into future developments in European issues as Law, Transport, Justice, Art, Energy and Infrastructure.

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ESLP’s faculty is made up of carefully selected scholars, teachers, and researchers who are chosen to join us from a number of prominent universities and institutions. Our scholars, teachers, practitioners, and researchers are personally committed to the mission and have many years of experience in teaching and coaching within the field of leadership. All lecturers work for the European School of Leadership Practice as independent instructors.

Create new leadership practices through integrating head, heart & hands.

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3.2Please contact us

Prof. dr. Gerda van Dijk – Director Zijlstra Center, VU University
+31 6 543 48 925

Vinitha Siebers MSc, VU University

Ted Baartmans – Program manager
+31 6 121 93 127

Dr. Jonathan Reams - Program manager
+47 7 359 1 651

Dr. Elke Fein – Board member ESLP

Prof. dr. Rens van Loon – Board member ESLP
+316 1004 2442

MA & PhD | European School for Leadership Practice


4.1Costs of the program

The investment in this program adds up to €14.500 taxes and traveling expenses not included.

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Application Process

4.2Process of applying

If you are interested in the program and consider applying please contact Vinitha Siebers ( She will then send you an invitation for an intake with one of the board members.